Things To Know Before Your Arrival

Q. Can I bring my pet?
A. We request that pets remain at home for their safety and comfort, as well as for that of the area wildlife.

Smoke Free:
Q. Are the cabins smoke free?
A. Yes, ALL the cabins are smoke free.

Security Deposit:
Q. Do you require a security deposit?
A. A $125.00 security deposit required at time of reservation confirmation.

Guest Policy:
Q. Are guests allowed?
A. Only registered guests are permitted on property.

“The richest values of wilderness lie not in the days of Daniel Boone, nor even in the present, but rather in the future.” ~ Aldo Leopold

cabincardWe welcome you to Pecos River Cabins and encourage you to enjoy the property, explore the 223,00 acre Pecos Wilderness and the Santa Fe National Forest. 

Hike. Bike. Walk, Fish. Bird. Picnic. Explore. Relax.

Good Pecos River Cabin Stewards:

  • Plan ahead and prepare: Weather can change quickly in the mountains and at high elevations. It can be raining up the Canyon, but clear here. Due to our high elevation drink plenty of water. Take plenty of water when hiking.
  • Check Trail and Road Conditions: Call ahead to the US Forest Service to inquire about Trail Conditions. Inquire about the Trail rating: easy, moderate, strenuous. Consider the physical condition of all members of your group. Bring a map and/or compass. Let someone, not going with your group, know the Trail you will be hiking
  • Pack It In. Pack It Out: Leave only footsteps. Take only photos and memories. Human food and trash is unhealthy for animals and fish. Leave the trail, riverbank or picnic area cleaner than how you found it.
    • Untangle fishing line from vegetation and dispose of properly. Wild birds can easily become entrapped by this nearly invisible filament
    • Dispose of extinguished cigarette butts in an appropriate container
  • Don’t Pick the Posies: the PRC crew works diligently to keep the grounds well kept and inviting for you and for the next Guest. Wildflowers provide shelter and food for wildlife. Picking a flower denies our pollinators a food source. It prohibits seed production, important for winter bird food and next year’s flowers. And the Guest arriving after you will miss their beauty
  • Respect the Wildlife: Wild animals are in the area and are part of the beauty of the Pecos. Please do not leave food or trash on the cabin patios, decks, or porches. Do not leave food or trash in your car. Place trash in a tied trash bag in the designated trash receptacle. Make sure to secure the lid. If a wild animal is on property, please do not approach or feed it. Contact Property Management.
  • Respect the River: Please do not move the rocks in the river. We are working to build and maintain fish habitat and to control erosion. Do not play in or block the stream. 
  • Be Considerate of Other Guests: Listening to the sounds of Nature is important for many of our Guests. Do not walk behind others’ cabins. Be advised that the river amplifies noise and voices, especially after dark. Please respect the 9:00 pm to 9:00 am quiet hours.
  • Help Us Help You. Please do not walk on east side of the property. This area is infrastructure related: septic and electrical. A Bee Hive surrounded by an electric fence is located there. Turn off cabin lights when not in use.  New Mexico is experiencing extended drought conditions.  Help us to conserve water by using bath towels more than once. Please let us know if something in the cabin needs attention.   

chaletINSURANCE AND LIABILITY: All guests are responsible for their own safety and property and should educate themselves with regard to the mountainous environment and weather conditions. Acts of Nature can occur.  The owners of Pecos River Cabins do not assume liability for the loss, theft, or damage to Guest’s personal property or injury to Guests. Guests agree to indemnify and hold the owners harmless for any liabilities, theft, damage, cost or expense arising from or related to any claim or litigation which may arise out of or in connection with guests’ use and occupancy of the rental property, including but not limited to claims for personal injury or property damage/loss. Guests are hereby made aware that our insurance does not cover their personal property or persons, nor does it cover damage done by guests.

Pecos River Cabins DEPARTURE ETIQUETTE: Before departure/checking out, please

  • Ensure the dishes are clean
  • Turn off the coffee maker
  • Place dirty towels in the clothes basket provided
  • Bag all trash in tied trash bags. Secured green, trash bins are located next to the open shed just south of the Bath House.
  • Check for phone chargers, computer cords, personal belongings
  • Turn off the lights
  • Leave the key on the table and alert Management that you are departing

If you are somehow prevented from completing these common courtesies, please compensate the housekeeper.  If the cabin, stove/oven, or gas BBQ grill is left excessively dirty, an additional fee will be charged.

PLEASE NOTE: If there is a power outage, there will be one flush in the commode and no water available in the tap or shower.  The Power Company usually has power restored within 30-60 minutes.  If the outage is longer, Management will alert you.  We will also place a bucket of water on your porch for use to flush the commode.  Do Not Drink this water as it is straight out of the river.

Due to limited parking and turnaround space, no boats, trailers, or motor homes.  No tent camping on property.